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Developed by domain professionals with years of experience in managing and monetizing premium domain portfolios, Power Parking provides a host of benefits unrivaled in the domain industry.

  • Key Strategic Advertising Partnerships
  • Breakthrough Optimization Technology
  • Next Generation Landing Pages
  • Powerful Reporting Tools
  • World Class Client Support
Power Parking is quickly becoming the leading choice among top domainers. In fact, DDC's Power Parking clients are respected portfolio holders with long-standing experience in the domain industry. As such, DDC's portfolio consists mostly of premium quality domain names that generate high-quality, direct navigation traffic. This valuable traffic coupled with a comprehensive benefits package gives Power Parking the advantage in today's competitive domain market.

Benefits of Power Parking

Industry Leading CTR's and RPC
Breakthrough technology and key partnerships have enabled DDC to generate outstanding CTR's and an above average RPC across its managed domain portfolios.

DDC's advanced optimization automatically targets relevant results, quickly and effectively. The end result is more money in your pocket. We are confident that your domain portfolio will benefit from our cutting edge optimization technology.

Robust Landing Pages
DDC has partnered with accomplished web developers to create robust and captivating landing pages. These leading edge designs give your parked domains a unique look and feel, providing a visually appealing landscape for advertisers and end users alike.

Fraud Database
In order to maintain the health of our domain portfolio, DDC uses a proprietary fraud shield to weed out "bad traffic". Our advertisers and upstream partners pay a premium for this quality of traffic, thereby increasing your earnings per click.

Customer Service
DDC is an industry leader in Customer Service. Our onsite professionals have years of experience and are available direct by telephone, live chat, and e-mail. Rest assured you will always receive the most timely and accurate response from our team of experts. At DDC, your domains are in good hands.

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