Yahoo Boss Search Monetization

Generate Revenue with Yahoo! Search BOSS

Yahoo! Search BOSS (Build your Own Search Service) is Yahoo!’s open search web services platform. Yahoo! has partnered with Domain Development Corp (DDC) to enable Yahoo! BOSS developers and publishers to monetize their search inventory. Click here to learn how to enroll in Yahoo! Search Boss.

If you are currently a BOSS customer, you can start generating revenue quickly. DDC leverages proven technology to seamlessly integrate Yahoo!'s Sponsored Search ads into your searches. Once you’ve started, your web searches will include Sponsored Search ads in your search results page. If a user clicks on one of the Sponsored Search ads, you earn money by sharing the revenue generated from the Sponsored Search ads. Sign up today!

After you sign up, our Search Solution Team will work with you to deliver a customized solution to meet your needs, in addition to incorporating best practices to generate the best results possible.

In addition, DDC offers the following benefits and services:

  • Customized implementations
  • Free optimization
  • Extensive Reporting Tools
  • Responsive Client Support